Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Actually have something to say...

My little emailing fingers have been talking to Joyce at the Hope Foster Home outside of Beijing.
Now Hope is a foster home we have actually visited way back in 2001 on Grace's adoption trip. I had met over the internet a Canadian ex pat teaching in China and when I traveled to get Grace we hooked up so her daughter could play with mine since they were close in age. Kirsty was very warm and welcoming and we were at her apartment a couple of times. She took us to Hope which was an organization her school supported with donations and such. I am so sorry I lost touch with Kirsty. 
 Joyce was out of country at that time but I did talk to her husband and he outlined what they planned to do and how. Back then they were in a different location and had just 16 babies. I was impressed at how well organized and well run the place was. Now 7 years later they have 155 babies and 4 sites and palliative nurseries .......exactly how they had planned it. I am still impressed.
 Also through the internet I was contacted by a woman in Ontario who found our blog on our spring trip and she and her daughter had been at Hope the previous fall. So we got to chatting and I looked at their web site again and pondered.....and thought and did some math. I think we might go to Hope next spring break.
I am not sure what we would do but surely we could be of service in some meaningful way. Joyce has said no problem and was fine with bringing the girls. 
Thanks be to God!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Have begun to do some very light research. Am brainstorming about whether we should go back to Starfish or maybe look into other places to volunteer. Part of me wants to see the children we left behind and part of me will be sad to see them still there one year from now.
It is too early to try to cost out flights. Obviously I am a woman on a mission and I have barely finished organizing our photos and such from the last trip. Foolish of me, I know.
While we were in China a couple who were in our first, Isabel adoption trip, were on a tour with their two daughters. I would love to compare trips and hear what there impressions were.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Okay...change of plans.....

After much debate and a lot of pleading on Beth's part we are now talking about taking TWO  girls to China next year. Our rationale is that since they will both still be under 12 we will save on airfare and it leaves room for visiting England and Scotland one summer ,which we have wanted to do for ages. As a sweetener I may see if we can stop in Hong Kong on our way and visit their Disneyland. Don't know how this will actually play out but I will start research soon. How lucky are we to be able to have this wonderful opportunity. Truly blessed.