Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Four months........

At this rate it will be here before I know it. So far the girls just don't have a lot to say on the subject. I keep telling them they are going to have to help with their Chinese in the hopes it will get them to practice more. Guess we will see. I have heard that Hope (the foster home we are staying at) is going to be pretty busy while we are there. I am hoping we can hook up with some folks (other volunteers) and do some traveling together on our off time. I would us like to wander a houtong on our own and around the Forbidden City and not be too structured. I will need to weight the girls interest and attention span and exercise some caution that I wouldn't were I alone.

I need to start doing some research and make a solid itinerary. On Isabel and my trip last March I made a point of doing a little outing every 3 days or so, and then we did a full day here and there, and a 3 day trip to see the pandas in Chengdu. That was unforgettable. I love the planning stage. Visas and such take no time and I will get those after Christmas.

Yikes!!! Before we adopted I never gave China a thought....except for chinese food which I have always liked..........now it is hard to imagine I am making my fourth trip back. (Derek went alone to get Beth, which I regret...we should have all gone together).

Each trip has been easier.I guess that is because I now know what to expect and am more relaxed. Luckily we have always had good people helping us out as well.

And you should know chinese food is way better in China than in North America.

Just thought I would add a little something, something so you knew we were still here and the wheels are still turning.