Monday, January 26, 2009

Check out the ticker.......

Holey moley............30 days!!! That is one month!!!!!!!!
Can't believe it.

I will be back in China almost exactly one year from our last visit. Never would have imagined it.
At the same time I am so glad to be going. I am beginning to feel pretty comfortable with this independent Asia
traveling. Feel like a big girl now!!

Mostly I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to do. What I promised I would do and that is bring my girls back to the land of their birth. Their homeland. They may not appreciate it now but it is a gift and I am so happy I am able to do it. If we do none of the touristy things I just want them to know China on some level. Just as observers even. Soak it in.

Last year when I was there with Isabel..she was just turned 12 then....she said "I know I am Chinese Mum and I know this is where I was born but it isn't my home. My home is Canada." I said "I know Isabel but this is a part of you and I hope it will have some meaning and that it will be the first of many visits. They won't be with me probably,but maybe with your sisters or with friends." It is a big reason why I have insisted they take Mandarin all these years. I have a strong feeling there may be more of a connection down the road.

I know there was a kinship to the children at the Foster Home. We still feel it today and continue to follow the little ones we knew and loved there. Happily this past year has been awesome and of the 21 kids we met an astonishing eleven have found forever families. Miraculous.

Two died. But they died with some dignity and kindness and were cuddled and kissed at the end.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good news from afar......

Am beginning to hear from other volunteers from New Hope and from adoptive and soon to be adoptive parents. How cool is that?
Maybe we can be of some joy to these Mom and Dads by taking photos and such and passing them on. It is the next best thing to being there.

Time seems to be accelerating and I am shocked that we are now in double digits for January. Wow. I am getting excited.

Had coffee with a woman right here in my home town who is traveling to China with her husband and 12 and 5 year old children.
They will be touring for three weeks and will be in Beijing when we are. We are going to try to hook up for an evening and maybe do some sightseeing together. Imagine that. We are becoming quite the seasoned travelers. She will be going on to Starfish and it will be great to get current information on our remaining 10 kiddos. Lily and Caitlyn and Jade and Erica and Cailean and Rose and Brianna and Heather and Sean and Ben. I need to review and hope I didn't leave anyone out.

Please check out our other blog to follow their journey and read of our trip one year ago March. I never imagined I would be back again so soon. We are fortunate and I am so glad the younger girls are getting their chance to see some of their beginnings.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Got the forms and I think I have some photos around here. One month and 3 weeks from today.
I am hoping it is not too cold in Beijing. I hate the cold which is why we moved to the west coast.
Excepting this year it is supposed to be the warmest place in Canada.

Feeling some anxiety about the trip but I am sure that will change as we get closer. Beth and Grace are
a little less tranquil than Isabel and a little harder to entertain. We shall see. Soon I will email Hope Foster Home with
our flight number and arrival times. They will be picking us up at the airport which on the map is not very far away.

I am perusing maps to get an idea of the lay out of Beijing. It would be nice if we could get around some on
our own. Maybe use the subway instead of cabs. Not because of the yuan involved but just to experience some local flavour.
Maybe not...........I am still brain storming.

I had printed our e-tickets and had a heck of a time finding them. What a relief when they turned up in a handy dandy
folder I had started. I am also hoping all the money we have spend on Chinese school all these years will pay off
and the girls will be able to talk to someone or interpret for poor old Mom. Guess we will find out. Isabel could understand
some on last years trip and at the end, sigh, was beginning to feel a little more comfortable trying out her chinese on the locals.

I am hoping we can do some shopping while there. That has never been a favourite pastime of Isabel's so I kept it to a minimum in March 08. Beth and Grace aren't as particular so might enjoy exploring the markets. We will be mindful that
we are on a budget trip and keep it light.

I am going to begin making an itinerary for us. This will depend on what they want us to do at the foster home. I am told we
will be given a detailed assignment so I am pleased about that. So far want to see of course, the Wall again but not sure which part. The Forbidden City.........chose not to on our adoption trips. Would love a banquet at the summer Palace. It was a highlight in 2001 and I never got to explore there and wanted to. Will take the girls to the acrobats one night for fun.
The rest we will see. I am hoping we hook up with some of the other volunteers because it is always nice to do that.

So the wheels are turning. I am happy to be fulfilling the promise we made to China to bring the girls back one day.
It is a debt long overdue and we are ready now.