Sunday, September 21, 2008

Living vicariously.......

We are so enjoying our friends and fellow bloggers stories on their trips to receive their new daughters in China. Two families from right here on our beloved island and friends not yet met from other lands and far away. My heart is with them in that ancient land and I share in their joy as their lives change and love blossoms. Through all the worry and waiting and preparations and fatigue and yes, the jet lag yet to come. It really is a wonderful world despite all the sadness and sorrow always around us. It is a rare pleasure to share those first moments together and to see it all unfold day by day.

Someday I will have to stop spending this time watching the wee screen and smiling here in my little world at the antics of tiny children I will never meet. I don't makes me happy. Maybe because I know how they feel right now and that it will get even better in short order........and it will never change or go away. You'll see.

God speed my friends. Come home safe and sound and together. Home.

Mary Anne, Qing Qing, Alyzabeth and Susannah and all the other sweet and dear little ones.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good for Beth..

Beth is in grade 6 this year. She came home today saying her teacher wanted them to think about supporting a worthy cause this year. Of course, Beth thought of China and of New Hope. I gave her an old brochure I have kept all these years and we looked at their website together. She is going to do a little presentation and show them the site and we will see if it is something the class might like to get behind. They would have to come up with some ways to raise funds and then decide what best to do with them.
Very exciting and I hope the class is receptive. There are so many out there who need help it is a tough job to decide where to direct the assistance.